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Pleasure of love lasts for a moment but, Pain of love lasts a lifetime.♥

"Thou art to me a delicious torment."

August 21, 2009

My BABYYYY finally end her common test and like finally i will be able to meet her . 1week never see her liao , miss her laughter miss her ahdu's voice :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I would really want to settle something right now , probably its all a misunderstanding . I've read the letter, though i know it's kind of rude but at first i dont know who's letter was it to and from . grace pass it to me , and to my curiosity i read it . 

Okay , finally let it all out well i guess all these are just misunderstands LOL. Nothing much in school happen just had relief period during chinese and laughing all the way , minced zhu noodle ?! 0.0 && i slept throughout the whole of selfstudy , was being waken up by idontknow who . Didnt attend cca today but will being going the next lesson which is next week . Meeting raywyn and melrize later on to aljunied as they have muay thai lessons there . Was being invited to a BBQ tomorrow , not sure whether anot i still have the time to post :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I know i fucking hell long didnt reply tags , but i'll just reply the recent tags the before tags were noted .

yanyuan: UPDATE LEEEEEEY ~ so long nr post anything, tsktsk >.< (8 Aug 09, 14:57)
I now trying to post daily liao , lidat then your won't bored ma :DDDDDDDD

passerby.: Sheesha is equivalent to smoking 18 cigarettes. just quit now or regret. (10 Aug 09, 19:53)
Oh, serious alright anyway thanks for telling LOL. ^^

Yeayea , using it already babe . it's much better than blogger :D

pbbpb: U dun look good with septum piercing..seriously. u look better w/o septum (13 Aug 09, 19:20)
LOL, thanks for telling me. Noted (:

Rayray(!): I look gay. But I'm still cute. Kk baibai (14 Aug 09, 00:03)
Yeayea, my ahdi very kewwwwwwwwt {:

JKSH: dameinuuu^^ (18 Aug 09, 00:19)
HIHI to my 大大大大大大美女 :DDDDDDDDD

Olivialsh: is not eat its chewwwwww ;D (18 Aug 09, 15:13)
Ohyea ?! Lmao machiam chewing gum ^^

passerby: woah...felicity breast very big wor...i wan to see!! (19 Aug 09, 16:16)
I'm sorry, but please mind you words yeayea . Thankyou (:

YX!: SUP :D (19 Aug 09, 21:32)
YO?! :D

yanyuan: weewee arh! say i eat condom spoil my image, lol x: So, you ai mai condom. lols. (19 Aug 09, 23:16)
I below got put just joke , CHILL :DDDDDD Eww i then dont want save it for yourself ah d:

felicity: 小妹妹 ,you 15 we going 16,17alr.HAHAHAHA (20 Aug 09, 14:45)
Aiya , nevermind one laa . Younger also not bad ley. (:

V'alerie.L: Wahs , saying aku old ah ? :@ Me 2feb one worrrrrrrrr ! )': (20 Aug 09, 18:41)
Lmao, hahahaha no la no la ?! Chillchill , you still young young 15 only manz . Dont worry , you still young&pretty :DDDDDDD

CLaire: HiHi ShiYi (: Link me? thankyou many (: (20 Aug 09, 23:07)
Alright, Linked ^^ noproblem !

Melmelz,: I luv gu joon pyo's curly hair! ^^ Yayaya, next tuesday confirm muz dance hor! Ltr that wu qi scold me again, nv scold you :@ (21 Aug 09, 13:04)
Aiseh manz , then your KimBum ley ? Hahahahaha , okay sure sure will go de :DDDDDDD

yanyuan: sunday go watch movie :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD or whatever go slack also can :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (21 Aug 09, 14:30)
Yeayea , 3D Boyboy flyyyyyyyyyyyy :DDDDDDDDD okay i cfm with you again ^^v

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